Not Passing Key Info to RekordBox

My Rekord Buddy Version: = 2.0.22

My OS Version: MacOS 10.14.2

My “tags” are no longer showing up for import in Rekord Box. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  1. Create a crate with songs in Serato
  2. Analyze songs for Camelot key notation, BPM, etc
  3. Open up Rekord Buddy to sync meta data and crates
  4. Import updated meta and crates to Rekord Box

Step 4 is no longer working. In the past this process worked fine. Currently I’m seeing the crate I’ve created in the Rekordbox.xml section but the meta data (cue points, key notation) is not showing up with it. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong? This is the specific functionality of your program so I’d like to figure out a solution otherwise the program no longer holds value for me. I’ve attached three sceenshots, one of each program, for reference. Your expedited response is appreciated. Best regards, Brian

What I expected to happen: Tags, Keys, Cues in Serato flow through Rekord Buddy and import to Rekordbox

What actually happens instead: Tags, Keys, Cues make it to Rekord Buddy but don’t show up in the Rekordbox XML. Creates do appear

I have screen shots if helpful


First thing to mention is that track tags do not transfer between the different apps. The manual has a table on page 26 that details what does and doesn’t sync.

That said, you should be able to transfer everything else. Would you mind trying the 2.1 beta and seeing if that helps?

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