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I’m so unhappy with this software. Why is it so difficult to upload from Serato to Rekordbox? I’ve attempted to email the owners, but for some reason the email isn’t working. At this point it’s not about the money. It’s about service and assistances. This form is not helping either. I’m totally Annoyed

Sorry you’re having trouble. Any support emails should come to our ticketing system, where they would be addressed. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for you.

Regarding your issue. Have you followed the steps in the FAQ? What is the issue you’re having?

The form is just here so that we get more info as to what is going on. You’re saying ‘it’s hard to upload (maybe you mean convert?) from Serato to Rekordbox’.

Thousands of people are doing this every day just fine so I’m confident we can walk you thru the problem that you are having but without more information as to what you are doing and what is happening, how can we even make a guess as to what is going wrong? We’d have to read your mind, which at this stage we can’t do.

Give us more info or open a ticket and we will help you out.

how can i dm you to get my apps de-authorized ASAP? im not seeing anywhere where i can send you one

Click on the user’s avatar, there is a button named ‘Message’.