Not getting on with the latest update

Hi everyone I’m new on here I’ve been trying to find a contact for Rekord buddy to find out what’s wrong but this was all I could find after much searching I hope someone can help,
my previous version of Rekord buddy was so much faster I updated yesterday and what used to take about 20 mins now takes 6 or 7 hours to do, how do I get the old version back please, it’s my own fault for updating , it really left me in the crap last night though, I play a 2000 capacity room and had to use the other DJs usbs I normally organise on serato then throw it in to RB then export to usbs but didn’t get time to sort it.
I’ve tried again tonight to see if the second time is faster and it’s still really slow my friend still has the previous version and it’s deffinately a lot faster, I hope there is a fix for this soon , running on Mac OS 10.13.6, it’s actually quicker to drag and drop to Rekordbox and build playlists than to use buddy right now,

Update I’ve just Bought another program to try after a lot of research it looks very basic but it works fast and i I can just transfer a hand full or just one crate if I wish and in seconds , I hope Rekord buddy get the speed thing fixed and I’ll come back as I’ve used it for years without issues untill now,


You’re not mentioning which versions you are referring to. Which build numbers?

Version 2.1 is about to ship which will let you drag a single playlist or a single track at time in order to make quick changes, well, quick…

2.0.29 i upgraded it that day i havent used it since as its just to slow right now , it was honestly quicker to update the playlist manually this time , im not sure why but it really has gone so slow after the recent update, i have found my original 2.0 dmg i am going to try reverting back if i can until this is definately fixed, i am a busy DJ i cant afford to be let down. i used a similar software that i found online just to get me by that seems to have done the trick but i did love old rekord buddy


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