Not All Cues Transferring from Serato > Rekorbox

Second time I am doing a large library update from Serato to Rekordbox (about 800 tracks) and I am finding that a handful of my tracks aren’t transferring with their cue points. The beat grids seem to be fine, though.

It’s about 1/5 tracks that are not transferring with cues. Any idea what’s up?

There’s a great way to investigate this in 2.1 which is to use Rekord Buddy’s own track editor to see what it thinks the tracks have in term of cue points.

First, when you have a large collection, it’s best to start with a few tracks or playlists to make sure everything goes fine and you understand the workflow. Then, pick a track where your are seeing issues and in Rekord Buddy double click on it in the source collection (Serato in your case). Look at the markers and make sure those look correct. Then do the same for the track in the destination collection and check that they match what the source tells you.

Try that and report back here what your findings are.

Still getting some hit-and-miss inconsistency. The markers are all showing up in the notes of the track when viewed in the Serato library via Rekord Buddy, but when I put them into a new Rekord Buddy playlist, those same cues aren’t showing up.

Now, some of the tracks that didn’t work the first time around are working properly on the second run, but not all of them — even when i do it one at a time.

That’s interesting if I understand correctly what you are saying. Are you saying that, when you are looking at the track info in Rekord Buddy, you don’t see the same cue point when you look at a track in All Tracks and when you look at a track in a playlist?

Hey sorry for delay,

The cues simply aren’t appearing in Rekordbuddy or Rekordbox. It’s like RB just isn’t registering them from my Serato library.

Can you post a couple of screenshots of the cues for one test track in Serato and in Rekord Buddy?

Hey Damien,

Sorry for the delay here. Attached are screenshots of the same track in Serato and in my Rekordbox collection via Rekord Buddy. As you can see, Rekordbox is not recognizing any of the cues in the Market Info section when I transfer via Rekord Buddy. Fortunately, at least the grid is registering, but the cues are pretty important as this is afflicting about 1/3 of my collection!

I should point out that all software is up to date as of 1/19/20.

Here is a screenshot of the same track viewed in my Rekord Buddy and Serato collections via RB. So the cues are now transferring to Rekord Buddy if I drop them there first, but they still aren’t making it into Rekordbox!

It does looks like the track data is correct in Serato and Rekord Buddy but not in rekordbox.

Stupid question but do you ever drag the track into the rekordbox collection? Do you get any error when you do that?

Also, check in the ‘File’ section of the track info dialog that you are looking at the same file for both the Serato section and the rekordbox section in Rekord Buddy.

Yes, i have done the direct drag and no, I haven’t received any errors.

Files are the same. My library is super tight and all managed through itunes so there are no duplicate files.

Can you DM me a link to that track file (the Woju Nawate) so that I can try this here?

Sorry for delays, been a busy month.

Here is that track. Would love to get this troubleshooted by 2/13 as I have a performance on the 14th. Thanks in advance!

—link removed by moderator—

Thanks I’ll take a look as soon as I can. I removed your link as you posted it in the public forum instead of via DM.

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee a timeline. I work on all issues in order of priority based on whether it’s in a release build or a beta and how many people are reporting the issue. I always do my best.

This is working fine for me here using the same file that you are using. Let me put together a debug build with more info that you can provide to me in order to see what is going on differently in your case.

Copy that! Like I said, it’s about 1/3 of my tracks that are exhibiting this issue, and it’s only the queues. The grids are all good!

Here is the link to the custom build. This will not fix your issue but it should give us more information as to what is going on. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Install the build.
  • Open a terminal window.
  • Type /Applications/Rekord\ Buddy\\ Buddy\ 2 and press enter.
  • Once the app open choose the track that we’ve been looking at.
  • Find it in Serato, right click on it and display its info.
  • Find it in rekordbox, right click on it and display its info.
  • Drag the track from Serato to rekordbox’s All Tracks.
  • Find it in rekordbox, right click on it and display its info.

Once that’s done you should have a lot of things printed out in the terminal windows. Cut that and paste it in this topic or via a DM if you prefer,

Any update on this?

Having the same problem with all tracks no cues showing in Rekordbox but showing in serato and rekordbuddy

@lottsmore Please don’t post multiple times for the same issue though. I think I’m still waiting on an answer from your original post. You can see how it gets confusing if we do this because now I have to check for existing posts before replying to current questions. Help me help you :slight_smile: