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I have a problem by importing my traktor playlist in rekordbox.

I use rekordbox to mix, but rekordbox is very bad in analyse and beatgrid, and it affects me a lot. So I decided to let traktor analyse the tracks, and then to export them in rekordbox. For the moment, I just have the Demo version of Traktor in order to see if what I want to be fixed will be fixed.

So, my problem is that rekordbox detects no xml file after having drag my traktor playlist into the rekordbox playlist, in record buddy 2. In rekordbox, I ticked rekordbox.xml in preference, and the imported library is the default one. Then I exported collection in xml format and dragged the file in the rekordbox section

I read that in the latest version of rekordbox, this problem could happen when the track already exist in the collection. So I deleted all my collection, and my traktor list still not appears in rekordbox xml.

My Rekordbox version is 5.8.5
My Traktor version is: Demo version 3.3.0
My Record Buddy version 2.1.39
Mac version: Mac OS Sierra

Would it be possible to help me?

Thank you,

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Thanks for the detailed message. helps a lot!

It could very well be that you and rekordbox are looking at two different places. Let’s figure out what you see on your end first.

In Rekord Buddy, how many rekordbox collections do you see in the sidebar? If more than one, what are their names in the sidebar.

If you only see one, do you see your Traktor playlists in that collection correctly?

Thank you for your reply Damien,

In Rekord Buddy, I see one rekordbox collection and in it, I see 2 sections: “All Tracks”, and “PLAYLISTS”.

Under the rekordbox collection is Traktor 3.3.0 and in it, I See the same: “All Tracks” and PLAYLISTS". In this section, I can find my playlist with all my tracks.

Do you see your playlists in the Playlists section of that collection?

Yes, I see them.

Great. Close Rekord Buddy. Open rekordbox and look in the rekorbdox xml section of the rekordbox browser.

Do you see the playlists there?

In fact I forgot to close Rekord Buddy, it works perfectly!

Thank you very much!



Yay! Glad you got it sorted.

Rekord Buddy saves on exit. That’s a safety measure to make sure that anyone can cancel their changes if the exit and say no to saving. Nothing will be modified then which is nice.