No Sync In Rekord Buddy 2.1.31

Record Budy Does not show a sync button. also, when I up date the crates in Serato it does not change in record box. how do I resolve that.

I am using rekord Box 5.8.1

Welcome to the forums! There are already a few topics on this very subject. If you search ‘no sync’ before posting you can see some of them. Check out this thread for some tips on asking for help on the forums.

But the short story is sync never completely worked in 2.0 and is replaced by drag and drop in 2.1. Check out the manual in the help menu for more info regarding this.

If you are not seeing your changes in rekordbox after copying a track, playlist or collection, it could be because rekordbox is not set to use the default XML bridge file or that you are not dragging the changes from the rekordbox XML section in rekordbox itself after making changes. Again, the manual has a lot of info on this.

Ok thank you for your response, I have searched the forum and did not find what am asking. So let me try to be more specific.

This is what I do, I make changes to a playlist in serato dj and thought that once I did that the playlist in rekord box would sync automatically, but that’s not the case.

I have to open record buddy, go drag back that crate from serato serato to rekord box then open rekord box and drag import the crate again from the xml to rekord box playlist, it then prompts me that file already exist if I want to overwrite them.

That’s the step I take, so I am asking am I doing it right or is there an easier way because I thought this would just sync automatically when I open record buddy.

Nothing syncs automatically because that would involve guessing what the user wants. Did you mean for the changes in Serato to go over to rekordbox or is it the other way around? rekordbox doesn’t store any modification time information, when did the changes in rekordbox take place? After Serato? Before?

As you can see, it’s not a solvable problem which is why it’s better for the user to do what they want instead of trying to guess (and get it wrong).

If you want to get your serato collection over to rekordbox the steps you are describing are the way to go. Those are the steps described in the manual.

So when I drag back the playlist to rekord box and it says overwrite do the tracks have to be reanalized.

No. I you check the manual (in the help menu) there is a FAQ in the rekordbox section answering that question.

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