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I have just started using rekord buddy. I’m trying to get rekord box migrated to serato. Serato and iTunes have synced automatically. Rekordbox has not. I am on iOS 10.13.4 with the latest versions of both rekord buddy and rekordbox. I have tried to export xml files from rekord box and dragging those to rekord buddy. This did not work. I get the “+” icon when i drag over “rekordbox” in rekord buddy but nothing happens. Any asvice would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the forums. First a small correction: ‘Latest versions’ doesn’t mean anything because a newer version could have come out since you posted your message. It’s better to list an exact version number instead of just saying ‘latest’. Check out this post for some tips on posting when asking for help.

When you drag the XML file over rekordbox, you don’t even get a dialog asking you if you want to update the bridge collection?

Good morning. Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry for the lack of information. As i posted this yesterday, the versions are up to date as of today. I will post them once I’m back home and have that information. No, i get no options when i drag the xml file over the rekordbox icon. i get a “+” that pops up but when i release the mouse button the xml file goes back to its original destination and nothing is added or prompted.

Interesting. That sounds like a bug. Could you zip up and DM me a link to the XML file you are using? You can use dropbox or send space for example.

I will send it as soon as i get home this evening. Thanks again for the timely support.

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I try my best :slight_smile:

to clarify some things. I am runnign on rekordbox 4.5.0 with rekord buddy 2. There also seems to be tracks in “all tracks” under the rekordbox tab in rekord buddy but nothing under playlists. hope this is helpful.

Which exact version of Rekord Buddy? Should be something like 2.1.28.

The XML will help. I have an idea what is going on here I just need to verify.

Thanks for the XML. The issue is that I test for rekordbox versions 5.4 or above. I’ve added an error message in the next version to clarify what is going on when the collection doesn’t drag correctly.

What is the main reason you are using an old version of rekordbox?

The exact version of rekord buddy is 2.1.28(692) . There is no reason i am using an older version, other than when i hit the update button in rekordbox, it says I’m on the latest version. I will attempt to update through the web browser though.

Rekordbox is up to 5.8.0 now :slight_smile:

I just downloaded rekordbox 5. Everything is working as it should. I even noticed the rekord buddy update in response to this issue and I’m sure others. You have incredible support. Really appreciate you!

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

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