No smart playlists in 2.1?

Hello, i’m trying it also on Mac and it seems pretty good, but i didn’t see any way to make smart playlist like the older version… Maybe i’ve missed something?

I moved your post to its own thread since it wasn’t directly related to the topic you had posted in.

Smart playlists and organizing had to be cut from 2.1 to allow me to stabilize the build and ship it quicker, in turn allowing me to focus all my time on one build as opposed to the 3 that I was juggling before. It was discussed in the release notes for 2.1 I believe.

So it’s really unfortunate but it was for the best. As soon as Windows is in beta, I will plug those back in. The code still exists, it’s just unplugged in the current builds.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, any aproximate date on when the smart playlists will come back?

Most likely will be back in the 2.3beta. Any dates would be a guess since it all depends on when 2.2 ships.

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