Nightmare library and sync situation

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2 Beta ( by advice)

My OS Version:
Steps required to reproduce the problem:

Having had to reinstall my traktor library i had to re sync rekord buddy but it could not find my library, i could not select a new one from the box in traktor settings as it was greyed out. with advice i was told to download beta, which thankfully has brought all my tunes in to rekord buddy, however i have only the tracks and playlists brought over, there is no artist, genre, bpm, etc is the left hand search tree also when i try to sync with rekord box it brings nothing over, its like rekord box is scanning somewhere completely different from the place traktor is.

  1. browser tree in rekord buddy not transferring all from traktor. i.e option to view via genre, bpm, artist, album
  2. after sync, rekordbox shows the same as traktor/ record buddy

What I expected to happen:
see all browser tree options in the rekordbox browser tree the same as in the traktor one

after syncing with rekord box, see the same in the xml. tree browser
What actually happens instead:

rekordbox empty . and no definitive browser tree list in rekord buddy

thank you

Are you importing the changes into rekordbox (dragging from the xml bridge into your rekordbox collection)?

I have done everything in the video, music has now loaded into rekord buddy from traktor, but after doing the septs to get it into rekord box nothing happens. its like its looking in the wrong place
sorry to be a pain

You’re not a pain at all. I’m here to try and help :slight_smile:

I’ll need more details as to what you mean by ‘nothing happens’.

First things first, do you see your Traktor playlists and tracks in the XML bridge section in rekordbox’s browser?

Thanks for your support. this is probably a better explanation.

1)Tracktror set up and playlists created - all works correctly.

  1. Managed to import play lists and tracks into Rekord Buddy

  2. when i close rekord buddy and open rekordbox, i carry out the setups on the video you sent me i.e, activate xml tree view, and delete the file path then re enter it.

Rekord box scans the xml file path, for a split second but makes no changes, no playlists are transferred over

I have re scanned a few times but each time is taking between 3-4 hours when it used to be instant

Many thanks, I appreciate all your help

When rekordbox scans the file, it will not transfer anything itself. It will show the result of the scan in the browser section named ‘rekordbox xml’.

Does that section show your Traktor playlists correctly?

Damian, i have no idea what i have done but i have got it working,

Can i just ask, in traktor in my browse tree, i have genre, albums etc, does that not come over to rekord buddy also? i just have … thought they would all come across,

All tracks

anyway thanks for all the support, i can now play this gig without issues

Big respect, keep it up!

Rekord Buddy imports the tracks and playlist but it doesn’t necesseraly display the data the same way that Traktor or other programs do so the items in the tree may not be exactly the same.

I’d love to figure out what was going on when you couldn’t get it to work so feel free to post back here if you have any more issues so we can investigate.

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