Newest Build Keeps Crashing

I’ve been trying the Beta, but whenever I try to move a song from my Serato collection to any Rekord Buddy Collection, the program Crashes

macOS: Mojave 10.14.5
Build 2.1 (649)

I would of like to use the smart playlist feature for Searto but I don’t think that’ll be possible any time soon

As long as you relaunch the app after a crash it will send me the crash log and I will look into it. I may have some more questions for you once I do.

Smart playlists for Serato are unlikely to ever be supported. Instead I will re-enable them in Rekord Buddy itself, allowing for more flexible things than what Serato supports.

Thanks for looking into it. I’m looking forward to what you find

Could you zip up your _Serato_ folder and DM is to me via something like send space or something?

I can’t reproduce your issue but I’m hoping that with your collection I’ll be able to.

Also let me know what track or playlist you are dragging when this happens.

Can you try to repro the problem with the latest bets (650). Should still crash but the crash info will be a lot better on my end. We should find that bug!

Whenever I try to install the new build, my OS is saying “no mountable file system”

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same problem here

mmm odd. Can you guys try (656) that I just posted? Maybe if was a bad transfer.

Ok, I’ve downloaded the newest build, tried to import my tracks, ran into the same issue, and it said that’ll send it to you

I have a new build that will provide me with more info. The new issue reporting system is awesome for that.

Keep on making the issue happen if you can and I will get the info I need, without needing to try and replicate the issue here which should make the fix much easier.

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