New Traktor shiny coming in 2018

From Native’s press release as seen on DJ Tech Tools:

We have engaged in rewriting Traktor from ground-up, even though this takes significant time and resource investment.

Yeah… it… does… :rofl:

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They out now and Traktor 3. Looking at the new design think they have learnt a valuable lesson in design. Most DJs just want to play track A to B in a familiar layout. None of the foolishness of the past.

Wonder if the TP3 has parallel waveforms?

Fun times for DJs

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Not 2018… TP3 this year…

Here are the goods on the new stuff:

Interesting that they seem to be doing a 180 on the whole ‘no jogwheel stuff’ from the S5 and S8 and also that they are now thinking a mashine as a DJ controller too (which is similar to this).

It’s not really a 180, it’s more they tried something, and have gone back to basics. I personally feel they’ve taken more risks than the competition…