New license, subscriptions and authorisation features on the website

Now that the server migration is almost sorted out, let’s take a quick look at what this brings you guys and how I hope it will make little things easier along the way.

  • Your license number is now easier to find. It user to be cropped up by the site’s theme. It no longer does that. This should help reduce inputting errors.
  • You can now cancel your subscription yourself if you want to. As before, if you don’t cancel then you will receive an email reminding you that the subscription is about to renew so it will never happen without you knowing. Be very careful with cancelling your subscription though. If your license expires while the subscription is cancelled, you will need to purchase a whole new license in order to use Rekord Buddy again. You’ve been warned.
  • You can now reset your authorisations yourself. You can do that every 3 months if you need to. It clears up all your authorisations for you. Should make life easier for everyone.

The servers themselves are faster and should be more secure. That hopefully will save me time from doing webmaster stuff to actually doing app coding stuff. That’s the plan anyway :slight_smile:


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