New Collection volume read only Error

Good Evening!

I am a new user and grateful that you have spent the time to make such great software.

All my music is located in an external drive, including my iTunes files.

I use Traktor and I want to play with my friends using pioneer. I tried to drag and drop from Traktor to rekord buddy then to rekord box. But I am getting error not same volume when I try to drag and drop into rekord buddy.

When I try to create rekord buddy collection on the external drive, it reads “external drive read only“. I have entered the external drive and charge all permissions to read and write to everyone. Same issue. It does not create a collection on the external drive.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!

It sounds like the app thinks the drive is read-only though. It could be an issue that’s not handled correctly on my end.

Could you let me know what the exact version of the app is and what OS version you are using? Then could you post a screenshot of the error you are getting?

version 10.15.4 Rekord Buddy 2

Do you know what the file system is for this external volume? If everything looks normal I may send you a debug build to see where I’m going wrong in your case.

If I understand correctly what the file system, is it the sane as the format: Mac OS (journaled)

Kind: Volume

Not sure what other information to send you, THANK YOU!

It probably is. Let me put together a debug build for you so that we can investigate the problem.

Can you just very the exact version of the app you are using? It’s not just 2, it’s something like 2.1.34 for example. You can find the info in the about window.