New beta build 2.1.0(557)

Note: This is NOT the upcoming cross-platform 2.1beta release. It’s just a maintenance release of the current 2.1beta.

  • FIXED: Exports won’t completely fail if one Serato collection can’t be output.
  • IMPROVED: You can now choose to seperately replace hot cues/loops with memory cues/loops when exporting to Serato.

The second entry here may be useful to a few of you if you use memory cues or memory loops (but not both) in rekordbox or Traktor and wanting to export to Serato. Up to now you could only choose to replace all hot cues/loops, this means that tracks with memory cues but hot loops would loose the hot loops when exporting to Traktor (since there wasn’t any memory loops).

This setting can now be set separately for cues and loops. This means, in the above example, you can choose to replace hotcues by memory cues on export to Serato and the keep hot loops as hot loops on export to Serato.

The update is available to all 2.1beta users by just launching the current version of the app. After dismissing the splash warning screen you should see a dialog asking you if you want to update.

I was so excited hoping for the Windows Beta. :frowning:


This is just for you @hellnegative1 it’s coming together…

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Oooh. The excitement builds. :-p


Is that the new macOS skin? :stuck_out_tongue:

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