My playlists in Serato aren't syncing to Rekordbox, via Rekordbuddy

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2

**My OS Version:**Mojave

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. I can’t sync playlists from serato
  2. I can’t even see my playlists from serato in Rekordbuddy
  3. I now can;t see the rekordbox .xml in rekordbox anymore

What I expected to happen: My playlists in serato to transfer to Rekordbox

What actually happens instead: Nothing

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I think you listed your issues instead of explaining what steps you are taking in order to reproduce the problem.

First let’s see if we can get your Serato playlists in Rekord Buddy. Can you trythe latest beta build and just use that to import your collection FROM Serato. Make sure this works and replay here to confirm.

Please don’t use the 2.0 build again after using the beta, we don’t want to confuse the syncing engine and cause problems.