My monthly windows post

It’s here! JK. Still chilling on my OSX VM. Thank god for VMWare workstation making my life easier. :-p

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I was wondering when that would pop up again… thought you forgot about me :smirk:

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I can never forget about y’all. Btw. Finally got the beta update on OSX. All of my named cue points now sync without issue (Serato to Traktor and Serato to Rekordbox). However, now grids are not syncing and some random cue points are not coming through. Doesnt seem to be anything in common between the tracks (File Type, size, etcetera) just random. like 1 out of every 35.

We can take a look and figure it out if you want.

I wrote a guide on doing rekordbuddy via VMWare… I wonder if you used my guide o_O…

@Damien, it’s RAD, i wrote that massive bug report for you two years ago… where’s the windows beta? :wink:

@MFXYZ hey man, how is it going? Windows is nearly there… finally.

I did not. I work in Apps development, so running VM’s for cross compatibility development is part of the jerb. You should def share the shiza out of your guide on DJTT, NI, Serato, and Pioneer forums tho. A lot of people need it.

It might just be how I have my shared folders set up in the VM.

I tested a Serato library within another OSX VM converting over and didnt see any issues.

Windows is nearly there… means 1 week, 1 month or 1 year?
It seems that that it’s nearly ready since 2 years?

There a post for that… :+1:t2:

Also using a VM here. I’ve made a shell script to automate converting the collection files to and from Windows<->MacOS.
Please PM if you want a copy of it “as-is”.

Now that I see the improvements of the beta regarding shifted cues (
Traktor -> Rekordbox: cues shifted in time (2) ) I will update it to the RB2 workflow, and share when ready.

Im currently using a Virtual machine for Mac. Waiting on the windows version. Im new to the forum. where is this Windows Beta?

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Bumping the Monthly Windows Post. :-p I killed both my OSX VM’s a couple weeks ago, so I have been Rekordbuddyless. Just gonna manually tag files until we have a windows beta or windows release.


Thanks for bumping and not double posting. 2.1beta on Mac is almost there. Once that hits we focus solely on getting Windows back up to parity and then post a beta for that.

Thank you for being patient with me.


thanks, still waiting as well


I am officially booting up the Windows build next week. I’m expecting some issues with paths and stuff that differs with macOS, maybe some low level stuff that isn’t implemented yet on Windows and I also need to put together a framework to build signed executables but keep your fingers crossed… I’ll keep posting updates here.

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Let me know when that beta is ready

still waitin

Still working on it :slight_smile:

It builds and runs. Currently hangs when opening collections.

Follow me on mastodon for live updates if you want.

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Had a situation come up where running rekordbuddy in a VM is no longer a viable solution (travelling regularly). Crossing fingers for the Windows version to be available soon.