My monthly Windows post plus more

Well its that time again. :-p My monthly Windows update post, but wait… Theres more!

Also… Now that I have gotten into the Denon Ecosystem, will we see Engine Prime support in the near future?

My reply… plus more! The answer is yet. Engine won’t be supported right off the bat when 2.1 ships but it should be shortly thereafter. Plugging in new software is going to be much easier with the new architecture so expect Engine, Virtual DJ, PCDJ, V-Case, Mixed-in-key, etc… to be supported and in a future beta.

Now, meet Cento:

Cento is our brand new Windows build server. He makes brand new Windows builds and tests them everytime we change something in the code base. He is going to be busy in the coming weeks.

Hey guys - noobie question.
I’m a Windows user and have a collection of about 1400 tracks that mostly do not have cue points. I have Mixed in Key which has automatically added cue points (mostly on the money) to all these tracks. But I have no way of getting these into Rekordbox :frowning:
I presume from this post that you guys are working on a Windows version? Is there any release date or way to get into the beta test?


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No release date. It’s a big job!

Check out this post, it explains why it’s so hard to pin point a release date in my situation. If I could have more control over it I would, trust me.

I’m close to releasing the new 2.1 beta build. Windows is on par with that in terms of progress (same codebase) but it’s missing a lot of install-related stuff so that will still need to be worked on after 2.1beta is out on macOS.