Music files show as missing, how do I show Rekordbuddy where the directory is?


I have multiple folders where I store my music e.g. Soundcloud Downloads, Bandcmap, Beatport etc. and Traktor handles this fine.

But when syncing with Rekordbuddy the files in these folders show as Missing with an alert symbol in the artwork column.

How can I tell Rekordbuddy where to locate these files, I wouldnt want to relocate the folders as it will mess up my directory in Traktor.

Thanks for any input on this issue!

In the next update it would be great to see these features implemented:

  1. The ability to organise tracks according to error status (eg show all tracks that are missing in my problem)
  2. The ability to manually tell rekordbuddy where to find these missing files. (Or even to rescan and figure out correct folder hierarchy)

(I moved your post to the Community Support section of the forums).

As of right now (2.0/2.1beta) Rekord Buddy uses the paths found in the libraries it parses. You can see what path it thinks that is in the ‘location’ column in the track list view (in column mode, obviously).

So either:

  • The path is incorrect to begin with in the source collection (Serato, rekordbox, Traktor).
  • The file did exists at one point but is currently missing (external drive which contains the files not plugged in).
  • There is a bug in how the path is parsed and the path in Rekord Buddy is incorrect.

If your problem seems to be #3, contact support and let’s take a look together.

Thanks Damien,

It is definitely #3, i have sent an email with more details.

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Sweet. We’ll pick it up from there.

Just double checking i’v sent this to right email:

I understand you will be busy



you did! Thanks for your patience.

Ok I have managed to get the files to be found in Rekordbuddy, and they play fine etc.

Now my issue is that in recordbox there are still files missing form playlists…

I have tried re syncing and updating the xml in rekordbox…

is there something else i can try,




I initialised rekord buddy and it seemed to sort it out.

Can Close this forum now.

Sorry for wasting any time.

No problem. Feel free to open anew topic if you get any other issues.