Moving collection from Serato to Rekordbox

Hello Damien,
First off, thanks for your hard work and patience (!!) in order to serve the big worldwide DJ community esp. the professionals who need you !!!
So, to clarify and go to the point, I read all the above, I am finally about to migrate, for the 1st time, my huge Serato SDJ pro library (200+ crates ! 7k.+ tracks) to Rekordbox DJ, and I’m on all latest versions incl. of Mac OS.

My question is : is there any risk for my Serato library data to be corrupted now both in Rekord buddy then, after export, in Rekordbox DJ ? and, if so, is it better for me to do that very first library move (from SDJ to Rekordbox DJ) with your forthcoming 2.1 new version and wait for it because it will garantee none of my data is altered in any way (when to be released?) or is it un-necessary to wait for it and safe to use instead, right now, your latest 2.0.28 (568) ?

I explain : you mentionned trouble in your current latest versions (which one or all of them ?) -ie data from our original libraries being ‘CORRUPTED’ into Rekord buddy hence in other softwares we export to like Rekordbox DJ (which I absolutely do not want because my library = thousands hours of work to create/for pro DJ job !). Thanks.

  • As I currently test your latest 2.0.28 (568) release, in order to check if all my tags and playlist are well imported/exported from Serato to Rekordbox DJ I noticed these bugs, pls explain why and how to fix it asap, thanks :
  • How does your BPM synch works and edits data between 3 softwares ? what erases & updates what ? what is untouched ? Does SDJ & Rekorbuddy can erase the BPM in Rkbox if it has changed & in each cases ? what’s your advice ?
    I noticed, after exporting an original bpm from SDJ to Rkbox, if I edit it to a different one in SDJ it is then Not exported to neither Rkbox nor Rkbuddy, how come and how do I do to update it not manually if needed ?
  • Some Release years (ex. in Aiff or AAC) not showing in Rkordbuddy but all of them are in Rkbox. I dont care in Rkbuddy because its just a bridge for me, not a library, but still would be better for checking before exporting it.
  • disc Nb not exported to Rkbox.

Welcome to the forums. I separated your post into a new topic because it’s confusing to post in a topic with different questions than the original topic. This way we can keep things a bit organized.

To try and answer your question, in order to convert a big library like this I would recommend giving the 2.1 beta a try. This will allow you to test a few tracks or playlists at a time without having to do the entire collection all at once. You can also feel safe with that version that, unless you choose to save changes on exit, nothing gets overwritten by mistake.

When going from Serato to Rekordbox there is very little chance of corruption because 1) You’re only reading from Serato so nothing will get written there unless you drag things into your Serato collection in Rekord Buddy. 2) rekordbox imports via an XML file so nothing accesses the rekordbox collection directly, apart from rekordbox.

Now, let me try and address your other questions:

I’m assuming you mean the beat grid and not the BPM. As with any other track data, the beat grid gets overwritten by the source data when you copy a track from another collection. Assuming you’re using the 2.1beta, when you drag a track from Serato to rekordbox that track’s grid and markers will be overwritten in the rekorbbox XML file. It will only overwrite the grid in rekordbox itself if you drag that track from the XML bridge to the rekordbox collection and even then, only if the track is not marked as locked in rekordbox.

You would have to send me examples of this for me to try and reproduce the problem. You can DM me a track or two coming form Serato if you want.

Hi! thank you. I was talking about BPM number (not sure I get all you said), for me its same as grid, innit ? I was thinking, although my goal is to permanently get out of Serato and move to Rkbox, in the beginning, until I am sure the move has been done properly, I may use Rekordbuddy for a while and synch a few times between SDJ and Rkbox : First time I’ll do that, i’ll get my SDJ bpms in Rkbox, then in Rkbox I will be obliged to analyse my songs and have the BPM re-calculated by Rkbox (in fact it’s much more beat accurate than SDJ which is a disaster in that area!). This will cost me lots of work to check the BPM of my new Rekordbox collection, so last thing I want is, after my next Rekordbuddy synch SDJ to Rkox, is to have the NEW BPMs in Rekbox being overwritten by the SDJ bpm ! … i am anticipating that scenario, what do you think to avoid it ? is it really what will happen ? (will I need to lock all my Rekordbox collection songs ?).
I’m Frenchy like Daft Punk lol, what does DM mean ?

Tu a vu qu’il y avait une section du forum en Français? Ca serait peut être plus facile? :slight_smile:

Merci, oui mais je suis bilingue, ai vécu en GB et prefere aller sur la plateforme anglophone où il y a le monde entier donc plus de ressources … es tu français Damien ? tu parles bien le Fs…

Hi again, I’ve read last week on Rekordbox DJ’s/Pioneer website that they are preparing a new software system. When it’s done, do you know if using Rekordbuddy will still be possible as usual (with no extra heavy home work) with its current version or not, esp., in my case, to move my library from SDJ pro to Rkbox DJ ?

Considering this, would it be then better to do my first library move (about to do it, once I read your new manual, again for its new version & prep. :slight_smile: ) from Serato SDJ PRO to Rekordbox DJ before using the new Rekordbox DJ system/version to be released in near future or not ? thanks.

I don’t know the details of the new rekordbox version, if there is one in fact in preparation, but I don’t recommend upgrading any software before checking back here to make sure it’s ok.

Once a new version of any app is release, I can test it and report to you guys whether it’s ok or not.

(Oui je suis Français)

Wise answer, thank you ! Proud to have a French compatriot in L.A. to serve greatly the worldwide community of professional DJs ! :+1:

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Hi, I have my Serato SDJ pro collection ready to move entirely to Rekordbox DJ (should be a permanent move if all goes well on the other side) and I’m testing it on fake ‘test’ collections on another Mac (latest OSX version). I’m on Rekordbox DJ 5.8.5 (latest version) and got questions as I started to read your online Manual up to FAQ not included :

  1. Now I know I should stop updating my DJ softwares to keep them in tune with Rekordbuddy’s support, too late as I’m already ahead of you with Rekordbox DJ 5.8.5 : is it going to be a problem to transfer all details/content of my SDJ collection ? I got 11000 tracks, 300 crates/folders so can’t afford any heavy manual corrections. Or is it better if I revert to your older supported Rekordbox DJ version (ie 5.8.1/possible ?) OR do I wait you support 5.8.5 (delay estimation ?) ?

  2. Once I have copied my entire SDJ collection to RKbox, how does the updating works, using the same process in Rkbuddy (ie drag and drop SDJ’s entire collection to the other ie Rkbox DJ) ? It looks like, if I make changes (edits, additions or subtractions) into Rkbox DJ they’ll be totally overwritten/erased by SDJ (ex. files or folders or tracks, bpms/beatgrids, etc) so that in the end its collection is exactly the same as SDJ right ?
    My problem is that in Rkbox DJ all new imported tracks have to be analysed and its bpm/beatgrid are more accurate than those calculated by SDJ so I prefer to keep the former. Which means, I guess, I’ll be obliged to recalculate all my SDJ bpms and beatgrids. Fine… but if my original collection is still SDJ and I make new changes to it all over the place, hence not locatable (edit/delete/create/move new metadata etc), then in order to update my Rkbox library again (without changing its new re-calculated bpms & beatgrids), by dragging and dropping my entire SDJ collection onto Rekordbox’s collection, I suppose the only solution is to ‘lock’ my entire Rkbox DJ collection which means everything in my Rkbox DJ collection (other than its own bpms/beatgrids) will be updated as in SDJ, correct ? Are the keys also overwritten in the process (in case I also changed them in Rkbox DJ, if yes, how to keep them as they were) ? How to avoid different bpm/keys/beatgrids (changes made in Rkbox DJ) not to be overwritten by SDJ ?

    1. Q. sur manuel 'managing your collection :
  • “Once you have created your tags, they’ll show up under the TAGS category within the browser tree on the left. If none show up, click the arrow on the TAGS marker to reveal them…”
    Ca marche pas : je crée des tags sur une chanson, séparés par un espace et ils sont pas enregistrés bien que j’ai fait ‘ok’ en bas et tu précises pas où/dans quelle collection est le dossier 'TAGS ’ où on est supposé les voir (et j’en vois qu’un dans Rekordbuddy mais il est vide).
  • “Reordering your tracks and playlists” : sur ma collection test Rekordbox DJ j’arrive même pas à changer l’ordre d’une playlist en faisant drag and drop apres avoir rangé par la colonne ‘order’ (dièse).
    Pourquoi, comment résoudre ? le manuel a besoin d’être plus précis ici. merci.

It would be easier to try and go one question at a time. You’re writing a book :wink:

Have you encountered a problem yet? It should be an issue with 5.8.5 but let’s cross that bridge if you do get an issue.

Long post but short answer. Yes. Rekord Buddy currently overwrites all meta data on the destination collection from the data in the source collection.

Tags are only in the Rekord Buddy collection. It says that in the manual: ’ When displaying Rekord Buddy collections’. These tags are Rekord Buddy tags, edited in Rekord Buddy and are not tags imported from other collections (like rekorbdox) because those are not made available by other collections to import.

It could be a bug let me check on my end.


  • I won’t move my collection until I got your answers. So you mean I’d better wait until you catch up with REKORDBOX 5.8.5 ?
  • extra question : if i made a tiny change in SDJ collection, if I copy it entirely again onto RKbox DJ and it’s quite big (11000 tracks) will Rkbuddy do the entire copying job again (is it long in that example ?) or will it work to update only what needs to be updated ?
  • Thanks for your help and short answers and for checking bugs… you’re a star ! keep me posted, God bless you and keep in good health !

No. I’m saying I don’t see any issue with 5.8.5 that wouldn’t be in an earlier build since 5.6.0 (when they broke the XML importing) but I have a lot on my plate right now so this won’t be a high priority at the moment.

Rekord Buddy 2.1 now lets you drag and drop only the changes you need for exactly this reason.

ok thanks.

  1. You say “Rekord Buddy 2.1 now lets you drag and drop only the changes you need”, I knew that already but it was not my point : I said, 'suppose for eg. I edit all over the place in Serato during a 2 hours work session, then I won’t be able to remember -unless I take the time to write it down on paper- the many locations (folders/playlists, files etc) where I made these changes. So if I don’t have time to write down where I made my changes, my only option would be to do all over again a drag and drop of my entire Serato collection onto the Rekordbox DJ collection, is my understanding right ? in which case, I re-iterate my question, I was asking : in that latter case, will Rekordbuddy copy again the entire original library (ie SDJ, hence that could be very long if it contains 10000 + tracks, I didn’t try yet, how long ?) or will it copy only, onto the destination collection, the changes made in the original SDJ collection ?

  2. I forgot to mention you the version of SDJ pro I use as I’m about to do my first big collection move from SDJ Pro 2.3.2 to Rekordbox DJ 5.8.5. Do you think the version SDJ Pro 2.3.2 will synch normally since you currently support only up to 2.2.0 or shall I wait until you catch up with version 2.3.2 or in between ?

Thanks in advance. Thumbs up for talking to Pioneer for software improvements ! :+1:

Bonjour, c’est une discussion privée ou publique ici, c’est pas clair pour moi :disappointed: J’ai presque fini de re-lire le manuel (nle version)/section Rekordbox :
Je viens de tester RekBuddy 2.1 (derniere version) avec toujours les memes versions des 3 logiciels comme sus cité, et ça a crashé 2 x, 1) quand je crois j’ai essayé d’y ouvrir ma collection SDJ 2) quand j’ai voulu y mettre à jour ma collection Test dans Rkbox avec le drag and drop du fichier .xml. Les rapports vous ont été envoyé.
Pourquoi ? est ce à cause des versions de SDJ et Rkbox DJ que vous ‘supportez’ pas encore ? un peu scary movie avant de faire la meme chose avec env. 11500 tracks et 200+ crates de SDJ vers Rkbox qui est vide pour le transfert complet de ma library.

PS : stp Damien, il faudrait que tu articles plus quand tu parles anglais dans tes tutos car franchement souvent on comprends rien et je dois faire Rewind plusieurs fois, merci de prendre note pour la bonne cause et pour ton travail très important pour les DJs, très reconnaissante ! :relaxed:

If you drag the entire collection yes, it will copy the entire collection.

I haven’t updated the requirements but yes, 2.3.2 will work fine.


I need to look at the bug issue reports. Anything else and I would be guessing.

No, because 1) copying to rekordbox copies to an XML file and not to your rekordbox collection. 2) Nothing gets saved unless Rekord Buddy exist correctly. That’s one of the new features of 2.1 for extra safety.

Thanks. A few extra Q. from your Manual (just finished reading).

  • " Date Released. rekordbox does read dates released from MP3 and AIFF files if it is missing from its database." : totally unclear to me, please explain more in details what you mean in general (talking about ‘Release Date’ metadata?) and in particular if I import MP3 and AIFF files from my SDJ library into Rkbox via Rkbuddy ? I don’t understand : my Rekordbox DJ software reads my ‘release dates’ on all my files incl mp3 aiff AAC.
  • " Rekord Buddy treats this property as multiple values but reads/writes it to rekordbox as one value using a separator selected in the Preferences ." regarding “Artists, Remixers, Producers and Genres” and “musical keys” : I don’t get it, what do you mean pls ?. Thank you.

I’ve clarified the manual. rekordbox supports release years.

If a track has two artists listed in the artist field (for example, say, “Steve Angello, Diplo”) and you’ve set artist separators to be ", " then when you import that track from Serato to Rekord Buddy it stores this as a list of two artists. Not just a single string.

This allow you to see all the tracks by “Diplo” and have that track shown as part of the list for example.

rekordbox doesn’t support this so when writing the rekordbox, the list of two artists is re-converted to a single string using the artist separator set in the preferences.

Ok thanks. Now, I remind you again of this (I mentioned it to you several times previously) to which I still wait for an urgent solution which works as promised before purchase please, if not I’m asking a full refund of the price I paid.
Other users in Sept. '19 and Feb. '20 have posted the same issue in the forum. You replied to them in March that “The fix seems to work. This fix will be in 2.1.39” but it does not at all :

SERATO SDJ PRO OR REKORD BUDDY ALWAYS CRASHING WHEN I OPEN SDJ IN THE REKORD BUDDY TREE, I CAN’T MIGRATE MY SDK LIBRARY TO RKBOX DJ (even using the 3 latest software versions you support) ! : I’ve emailed you on 25th Ap. '20, with my screen shot, the following, please respond and help me repair urgently as … : " Je me rapproche de ma 1ere migration, teste. Encore une fois, comme je vs l’ai dit, Rkbuddy crashe quand dans le ‘tree’ j’ouvre la Collection Serato de mon disque externe (11000 tracks, 200+crates) pourquoi ? un rapport vient de vous être encore envoyé. Dois je vous en envoyer un autre, comment ?
veuillez m’aider à réparer car je peux rien faire suis bloquée (pic encl.) merci. Cdlt. B.

I think you are referring to a separate issue since this user’s problem was resolved by the fix we put in 2.1.39. I don’t write that something is fixed unless I’ve verified it with the user. That would be silly. Let’s not post in multiple threads since it makes it more complicated to keep track of replies, pick one thread you’d like to use to resolve your problem and let’s investigate.

I’m sorry but I, like many people, don’t work on week-ends. I’m sure you can understand.