Missing track from my crates

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.022(217)

My OS Version: 10.14.5

I was previously using the Sierra OS on my 2011 Macbook Pro and Rekord Buddy was working fine. I recently upgraded to a 2017 Macbook Pro running Mojave. I reinstalled Rekord Buddy but when I sync my crates from Serato, the crates are missing the majority of my tracks, some crates are even empty.

On my old Mac, my music was on an internal drive, but now I use an external drive. I upgraded Rekord Buddy to the Beta version and it does the same thing.

Is there anything that can done about this?


So, two things:

  1. If you could switch to the stable 2.1 beta, which is much improved on the 2.0 versions. This should help up eliminate a lot of issues.
  2. Is the drive plugged in while you perform syncing?

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