Missing Serato Crates

I just updated to the latest version of rekord buddy 2.1.42.
Now all my crates in Serato v2.3.6 are not showing up in the software.
I can still see them in the Serato library as exec files, so they’re still on my laptop.
Could this be connected to your update? Have you come across this before?

I just figured this out.
My crate files from the Serato “subcrates” folder (in the serato library) got sent to the trash for some reason.
I had to copy and paste them from the trash back to the subcrates folder.
The sub crates folder is located in finder - music - serato - subcrates on a Mac.
A couple of crates got a bit messed up but its mostly back to normal.
Just thought you should be aware in case any other users get the same problem when updating Rekord Buddy.
Thanks. Chimp.

Can you think of something that would have caused this? I can’t think of any code that would delete crates by mistake.

I mean obviously deleting the Serato crates in Rekord Buddy would do that, but as far as you know you didn’t do that right?

It’s a Serato issue. I uninstalled Rekord buddy and it’s still happening. I found another user on the Serato forum with the same problem. I’ll take it up with Serato. Thanks for responding. Matt.

I know that Serato deletes empty playlists but I’ve never seen it do it to playlists that contain tracks before.

I’m having the same problem. Serato DJ 2.3.7 - Rekord Buddy 2.1.42 - Mac OS 10.13.6
all songs that i’m dragging from Traktor to Serato appear in Rekord Buddy as their proper Serato crates but when I open Serato mostly all of the crates and songs are missing.


@mikemfnlove It doesn’t sound like this is the same problem. What we were talking about here were empty playlists. What you are talking about seems to be playlists with tracks in them.

Do you see any warning or errors come up when you drag the playlists from Traktor to Serato in Rekord Buddy?