Major issues with the program!

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.2

My OS Version: 10.13.6

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Updated software
  2. Re-inputted licence key
  3. Error/stopped working

What I expected to happen:
The program to load up and show my library! So I can sync with rekordbox

What actually happens instead: Error, can’t connect to server and shuts down!

This has caused me endless problems?! Fix?

Welcome to the forums!

Couple of things, 2.2 is not out yet so I assume you mean 2.1.

Try to make your thread subject descriptive, this helps people find threads that are the same problem they are having. For example, this existing thread discusses the issue you are posting about.

This is actively being investigated and related to an update that was just posted so ‘endless problems’ may be a slight exaggeration? :wink:

Anyway, I’m on it. See the other thread for developments.

Thanks for the reply, I have managed to get the other version working. How do I get rekordbox to find the database if it isn’t auto finding after clearing the xml bar and returning?

I see that you have said that you have posted a fix? how would I download this? just search for updates through the program? :slight_smile:

No fix yet. Still investigating.

ok, bit sticky this haha I have to play tonight

I’m sure you will already know this but it is saying the licence key is an invalid length?

I do. That’s part of my investigation :slight_smile:

Did you get asked to input your license again when you updated to 2.1?

This issue is fixed in the latest build. Make sure you are running at least 2.1.13.

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