[Mac] RB 2.1.36 Crash when Dropping Serato Library onto Rekordbox

Had old version of Rekord Buddy installed on my Mac, from 2.0 to the 2.1 beta. I recently removed old versions and downloaded the most current Rekord Buddy 2.1.36.

Hardware: MacBook Pro w/ Mojave 10.14.6.
Primary Software: Serato DJ 2.3.2 (using iTunes)
Library Size: a little under 10,000 total songs

I’m trying to “copy” my Serato library to Rekordbox.

  1. On initial launch I followed the drag and drop instructions to copy from Serato to Rekordbox. Started the move and Rekord Buddy immediately crashed.

  2. Tried to clean out ALL my old rekordbox.xml entries through Rekord Buddy and after multiple crashes when trying to delete large numbers of songs (>1000), Rekord Buddy finally let me delete chunks of entries up to 3000 songs. Weird behavior.

  3. With a clean rekordbox.xml file, I then tried to re-copy my Serato library to Rekordbox, using the drag and drop feature. My library only contains <10,000 songs, but the status bar in Rekord Buddy reads close to 15,500 entries (I assume due to the playlists). RESULT: crash.

  4. I then tested with a single playlist (~550 songs) and it imported properly. I then tested by selecting all my tracks under “All Tracks” (select all not working, see below) and dragging to the “All Tracks” in Rekordsbox (total ~9200 songs) and Rekord Buddy crashes. I then tested with half of that (~5000 songs) and Rekord Buddy still crashes.

  5. SIDENOTE: the “Select All” functionality is not working. I have to manually click the first song and then hold shift and click the last song to select all songs. I don’t know if this is correct functionality for playlists as well, but I cannot delete multiple playlists by Command-Select and then hitting delete, it only deletes 1 at a time.

Thanks Damien.

Ok so there is a lot to unpack here. Let’s try and take it one issue at a time.

By crash do you mean a ‘Something wonderful has happened’ dialog?

Yes, the dialog popped up every time when trying to move the entire library.

When deleting, the dialog did NOT pop up every time. I think I tried about 4 times, and dialog popped up maybe twice.

Ok. You have 3 different issue reports that I received here recently.

Let’s deal with the first one. One of your tracks has some data in the markers that cause the app to freak out. I have a custom build that will display a lot of info and help us figure out which track that is.

  • Install this build.
  • Open a terminal window.
  • Type /Applications/Rekord\ Buddy\ 2.app/Contents/MacOS/Rekord\ Buddy\ 2 and press enter.
  • Once the app opens, go ahead and move the entire library like you’ve done before.
  • When the app stops the same way it did before, make a note of the last track path that is displayed in the terminal window.
  • Use a file sharing system to send me a link to that file via a DM on this forum.

Then I’ll be able to investigate the issue and put together a workaround.

@damien I Sent a link to the file (dropbox) to you through message. In addition the build that you had me download, is this the same build that I had installed? The ability to read the progress through terminal is great. I work on terminal a lot, for my other job, does the original build that I had installed (the most recent general release build) come with this ability???

@damien in addition, after reading the terminal log and seeing the file that was the issue, I re-analyzed the file [beatgrids/bpm] in Serato DJ (to clear the issues that were listed in terminal…basically the multiple beat grids saved on the same time stamp) and re-tried importing from Serato -> Rekordbox and it worked this time. Amazing. The terminal log was great. Should I keep the current build that you had me download (2.1.37b4), or re-download the general release build (2.1.36).

No. It’s just this debug build. Printing to the terminal is slow and it would slow down copying a lot if I left it on for regular builds.

I will use the file you sent me to fix the issue on my end and this will be part of the official 2.1.37 build that will be posted next week.

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