M3U Export of all Playlists

It’s great to use RekordBuddy to move all my playlists between Traktor/Rekordbox/Serato. However, I would also like to be able to access these playlists from music programs that accept M3U files (VLC, Subsonic, etc).

Is there a way to export all my playlists as .m3u files? I only need the m3u playlist file and not the mp3 files themselves exported. I’m fine if this is a multi-step process (e.g. use RekordBuddy to move Traktor to Rekordbox, and then export all playlists from there). The issue I’m running into is that Traktor/Rekordbox/Serato only allow you to export one playlist at a time, so trying to dump all my playlists is a tedious process.

Not yet but that’s good idea. I’ll put it on my list and people can vote for this on this thread. The more support we get the more I’ll consider it for a future release.