Lost all Serato Playlists!

My Rekord Buddy Version: Version 2. Latest one as of 17/10/18

My OS Version: Mojave, latest version

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Opened Rekordbuddy
  2. Told to sync to serato playlists
  3. Sync’d but sync’d to rekordbox instead and lost all serato playlists

What I expected to happen:

What actually happens instead:

I’ve used Rekordbuddy in the past (version 1 when i switched from serato to traktor in 2010) so am familiar with how the software works.

Tonight, i’ve opened the software and told it to sync from serato. Instead, the software has sync’d from rekordbox and the playlists i had on there. Consequently i’ve lost 10years of playlists and tens of thousands of cue points i’ve saved since switching to digital djing in 2008. Not happy at all.

I do have a backup of my music but no playlists backup as my Serato crates and subcrates backups are showing playlists from years ago rather than my latest backups (which i do weekly).

Any help? Have i lost my cue points??!

Cue points in Serato are stored with the music files themselves so as long as you have backups of those you have not lost anything.

Trying to understand what happened, how did you ‘tell’ 2.0 to sync from Serato?

The software asked which platform i wanted to sync from the first time i opened it. I chose Serato…? Managed to get all my playlists back but still no cue points…?

That’s odd, if you got this dialog it means this was the first time you ran 2.0 on that machine. In that case the app is supposed to initialize itself with all the data from the app (in your case Serato) that you chose. I’ve never seen the problem you’re describing before.

Can you grab one of your track files from a backup and drop it into Serato and see if you get the cue points read correctly for that track?