Lost all my playlist in rekord Buddy

My Rekord Buddy Version: Lastest Version

**My OS Version:**Mac High Sierra

Steps required to reproduce the problem: Have no Idea

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What I expected to happen:

What actually happens instead:

Was so excited to finally have an alternative to itunes. I spent weeks working on building my playlist and today I pressed the sync button and lost all my playlist in both Traktor and Serato. I don"t know what happened didn’t do anything different than what I have been doing for the past two weeks.

Did you update the app or anything?

No I didn’t update any app. I added a few playlist and pressed sync. I went into Traktor and all I saw was my default playlist. I went back into Rekord Buddy and all my playlist were gone minus the original default playlist from Traktor

Is there a way to back up your playlist created in Rekord Buddy? I’m afraid to do all this work again and have the chance of losing it again with no way of retrieving it

We always recommend keeping backups of your collections (there’s a reminder when you launch Rekord Buddy 2).

Regarding the issue, which software did you use to edit your music, and did you have any of the collections protected?

It sounds like Rekord Buddy thought that the playlist had been deleted from somewhere which, unless you did that (or installed a fresh database from another program on the same computer), is definitely not normal.

Your Traktor collection has backups built in so I’m sure you can get the playlists from back from there.

Next, and in order to make it easier to see what is going wrong, I would suggest trying the 2.1 beta which allows you to import from one program and export to another. That gives you fine grained control over what takes place during a sync and could help avoid errors.

I use mainly Mixed in Key for my music files. I will try and see if I can retrieve the playlist from traktor. Also I will try the beta. Thanks

All of the playlist was created in Rekord Buddy. Didn’t know if Rekord Buddy had a back up or a way to retrieve your playlist. My Traktor playlist was not protected when I check protect the database for Traktor nothing syncs coming from Rekord Buddy therefore I keep it unchecked due to me only creating playlist in RB2…

Most likely what happened was that changes in another program (without the playlists you did) were newer than the changes you made to the playlists in Rekord Buddy so it got overwritten during the sync.

That workflow sucks which is why the current 2.1beta is back to letting people decide what gets imported or exported from/to so that this kind of issues can be avoided. The next 2.1beta build will be even more convenient in that area allowing people to sync only individual tracks or playlists if they want to.

@damien yeah I think that’s exactly what happened. What you just explained makes sense as far as what I experienced. I’m going to give RB2 Beta a try. Hopefully every thing goes well. Thanks

Ok I did some research on this issue and it seems this was a Traktor issue. Other users have had incidents we’re Traktor just over wrote its own database and wiped out all the back up files. I’m hoping this won’t be a issue for me known that I’m using RB2 Beta which allows you to export to Traktor not the other way around.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. Backups are always your friend, I have a time capsule that keeps regular copies of everything just in case. You can never be safe enough.