Loops not exported correctly to rekordbox

My loop points didn r work,the cues did.
Dos it recognize loops or did i do something wrong

Give me more information than ‘didn’t work’ :slight_smile:

Are the loop point missing in one of the collections after syncing? Which one?

Only cue points,no loops.

Right, but like I said, you’re not telling me where you are seeing this :slight_smile:

What program are you reading the loops from and what program are you looking that that seems to be missing the loops?

I mean i exported from traktor to rekord budy and than imported as described to rekord box.in rekord box only cue points,no loops recognized

In Rekord Buddy, when you right click on a track that you know has loops in Traktor, what does it say at the bottom of the edit window? It should list what cue points it found for the track (in text).

it says
1 grid markers, 4 hot cues, 0 memory cues, 1 hot loops & 0 memory loops.

OK, I’ve moved your messages into a new topic so that don’t talk about a completely different issue in the same topic as the old one. It’s better to avoid making things confusing.

Can you give me the name of this track? I think I still have your old NML file so I can try and reproduce this here.

i’m going to send a new one, i forgot which i sent you

Sounds good, thank you.

ok, how do i have to do this again, sorry for that…

you can upload the file to something like wetransfer and then DM me the link.

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