Looking for a UI/UX artist/designer

So as I’m putting the final touches to the new 2.1beta, I have to start figuring out how to improve on the UI so that the app looks better than it currently does.

The new version runs on both macOS and Windows and uses a UI framework named Qt. It’s great because it’s portable but it sucks because it looks nothing like the native apps on either platforms. So we need to create our own look.

If you have experience with UI/UX or graphic design, bonus if you have experience with QML, and want to contribute to Rekord Buddy then I want to hear from you. This is a paid contracting position, you can be anywhere in the world as everything can be done remotely.

Answer below with some links to apps you’ve working on before and we will go from there.

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Hey! If you’re still looking for a UX designer, I’m totally interested in helping out! I’m a designer at Autodesk and have worked on Sketchbook and Fusion (as well as some other products we’ve since discontinued or spun off), and would love to contribute to Rekord Buddy (which has changed my life)!

DM me @ohyeahpaulchin ?

Try publishing on LinkedIn, Freelancer etc.

Or did you find anyone?

Milky :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not a big fan of social media (which is really all LinkedIn is). Freelancer could work but most importantly I’d rather find someone who’s interested in the product rather than just a random person.

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Lol trying to figure out how, but can’t find a link at all!

EDIT: I found it, but it wouldn’t let me DM you.