Link traktor cues to rekordbox

My Rekord Buddy Version:
Rekord Buddy 2.1.0 beta 557

My OS Version:
MacOS Mojave 10.14.2

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s any way that when synchronizing traktor with rekordbox I could choose what each CUE corresponds to.

For example in my traktor I always use this scheme with all the songs:
Cue 1 is the grid (I don’t use it because traktor puts it where he wants)
Cue 2 is always where the song usually starts (e.g. extended mixes)
Cue 3 a second attempt to start the song a few bars later (in case of failure or distraction)
Cue 4 is for the stop before the drop (this allows me to throw here directly without “mixing”)
Cue 5 is an auxiliary (wildcard)
Cue 6 is to say goodbye to the current song (the new track starts)
Cue 7 is a second exit, in case I want to extend the mix to the second drop.
Cue 8 is the final exit or point of no return

I’d like to assign:
Always cue 2 to CDJ hotcue 1
Always cue 4 to CDJ hotcue 2
Always cue 6 to CDJ hotcue 3

This would allow me to play without problems, with any CDJ with only 3 cue points, which for me are the most important and the rest of hotcues only if there is hardware that supports 8 hotcues.

Right now I have to do it by hand and it’s a hassle, it takes a long time

I don’t know if this function is implemented or can be configured.

bump! I’d love to know if this can be configured or if there’s a place to request it.

This is probably something that will need to be a feature request. As it is, I believe the cues will just be transferred linearly.

@astromech is correct in that there is no current way to do this. There is a future plan that would make this possible but I have to focus on my current todo list first before getting into future features.