License/Pricing: 2.0Beta to 2.1

When I purchased Rekord Buddy 2.0Beta in May 2018, I understood that I would be entitled to use the final release when it came out (in fact, the license in my account says “Lifetime”). However, I was unable to upgrade through the beta version to the current version (2.1.36) and then saw that the new version says I have to buy it AGAIN, and now the pricing model has been changed to a yearly subscription.

  1. Did I mistakenly re-purchase the software thinking that doing so was necessary, or can I continue using my original “Lifetime” license on the beta version of RB2.0 to access the latest version? If so, please let me know how to receive a refund.

  2. When re-purchasing RB2, apart from the $30 subscription fee, I was also charged another $20 for some sort of general fee whose name I don’t remember.

A) If I don’t want to be automatically charged at the end of year 1 for another year subscription, and I cancel the auto-renewal, will I be recharged that $20 fee if I decide later to reactivate my subscription?

B) At the end of my 1 year subscription, will Next.Audio send me an email notification before re-billing my credit card to see if I want to continue using the service, or will it just bill me without notice?


Can you provide more info as to what is going on when you launch the new version? Do you get an error telling you you can’t upgrade? As explained in this thread or this thread, non subscription licenses will continue to get updates for one year after 2.1 ships and will be able to keep on using the final version that ships before the one year deadline, although unsupported at that point.

This is also explained in the subscription threads. Subscriptions cost $29.99 a year with a $20 startup fee the first year.


Also discussed in the other threads. There is currently an email setup to be sent a couple of weeks before, although I haven’t plugged in the ability for users to cancel subscriptions themselves yet. I do cancel them on request for the time being. There is still a year left before all this shakes out.

Thanks for your replies Damien. Here’s the error I got several times when I tried to check for updates in the beta version: “Update Error!” “An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.” So I mistakenly assumed I was being forced to repurchase a new license. I did not see that you had a whole separate forum section for Subscriptions.

What do I need to do to get refunded for mistakenly repurchasing it?

As I’ve already downloaded and activated RBddy 2.1.36 using a new license number, will you provide a way for me to use my original license number with the existing software? (When I initially tried doing that – using my old license number – after downloading the new software, it didn’t work).

Thank you!

I need all the computers on my account de-authorized.

Feedback::: It is next to impossible to contact anyone from this company. It is extremely frustrating.

Note: its weird enough that the software tells me to go to a public message board and make a post to have actions performed on my private account. But then i get to the message boards and there is no obvious way to even start a topic to make a request.

ALSO - The password criteria for accounts is absolutely ridiculous and over the top. Its excessive and unnecessary for the info the password protects. Government financial institutions don’t even have that high of standards.

Hey @waltwhite, welcome to the forums.

All support has been moved to this forums a while ago in order to be more efficient. Since I do all the support by myself, it’s easier for me to have everything in one place. I’m not sure what other methods you tried but the forums are linked at the top of the web site’s page, in the app (under the help menu) and in the app’s manual. I’m not sure how much easier I can make it :slight_smile:

The forums are not just public. You can DM me using the forums, which results in a private message. Everyone does that when they need private issues to discuss and it seems to work well. It’s no different than a ticketing system in that regard.

The forums use the Discourse forum system. I didn’t develop this so I can’t comment on how easy it is to find the ‘Post Topic’ button.

Having said all this, I’ve reset your licenses. Check out the app manual for a way to do this yourself if you need to next time.

@marana35 I canceled your subscription and refunded your purchase.

Once again I’ll need more info as to what you are seeing when using your old license key to authorize the app. What do you mean exactly by ‘it doesn’t work’?

You canceled my subscription? I have a gig tonight! Please restore immediately, we will have to troubleshoot after my gig. I explained in my reply the exact error I got: Here’s the error I got several times when I tried to check for updates in the beta version: “Update Error!” “An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.”

I left a voicemail an hour ago. Though I know you don’t do phone support, can you please call me to sort this quickly? I’m confused why you would cancel my new subscription before confirming that my original license was properly working with the new software. I provided the error messages I got in my first reply to you in the thread – apparently you didn’t see it. Also, per my voicemail, where are my licenses listed for my account? I have searched everywhere in the interface to my account for the forum? I would expect it to be listed under settings, nothing is there. So I’m unable to re-attempt to authorize RB 2.1.36 with my original 2.0beta license. Please call me thanks.

I think we got some crossed wires here. First, I really only provide support here. Not by email, not by phone. Just here.

The reason your subscription was cancelled is because you asked for a refund. The refund cancels the purchase automatically which cancels the subscription. That’s just the way the store works.

Now, if the beta has an outdated update link, just go to your account and use the link provided in the Previous Purchase section to download the latest build of the app. When you launch the app, reset your license and enter your original license key, not the subscription one (you can also find this in the Previous Purchases section).

That should work fine. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Thank you. This in fact solved the issue.

Some feedback on the end-user side: I was unable to easily find my original beta license directly in my own account. It seems the only way to access was to go through your forum to discover the “Previous Purchases” section, which has a link. I hope you can update your interface so users can have direct access to their purchased licenses in their account settings (which is what I think most would have expected) with a short link there about what to do if you need to reset your license. It would’ve taken me hours of reading to find and figure out all the info/links which you sent me.

Thanks again for your help. The new software is WAY easier than the previous versions - well done.

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As far as I remember the Previous Purchases should be the page you land on when you log in and click on the account tab on the top of the page. I could be wrong.

I have auto-login for my account so I don’t log out each time. In any case, I don’t see a link anywhere to access “Previous Purchases” or my license on my account.

You are probably looking at your account on the forums. The account you used to purchase the app is on the main website. The login is the same for convenience but the sites are separate which can be confusing.

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