License error please help!

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2 Beta

My OS Version: 10.11.5

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. I clicked on the rekordbuddy icon to open it
  2. got an error about my license
  3. closed it and clicked on the icon again
  4. got the same error again

What I expected to happen: rekordbuddy to work since I literally bought the license less then a month ago

What actually happens instead: the software is giving me a licensing error saying that it will expire in 15 days!

Please explain.

Are you connected to the internet? This usually indicates that Rekord Buddy thinks you’re offline.

The licensing system download an authorization when you use the app that lets you use the app offline for 15 days. Beyond that, you need to connect to the internet again for the app to get a brand new authorization.

Hi Damien
It happened twice while I was connected to the internet however when I tried it now it worked fine.

That’s odd. It seems like the app couldn’t connect but it’s hard to know why if it is working now. Our servers were up and running so it probably doesn’t come from our side.

Post back here if you get any more issues and we can continue to look into it.

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