Laurel or Yanni?

From DJ Worx:

So before you get into rucks with people about how a club standard mixer sounds “true fucking awful” (it really doesn’t), just remember that we’re all different. We hear things with subtle or maybe even large discrepancies to each other, and even then we have personal preferences beyond what producers and mastering engineers have decided what is “the best” sound.

That cuts both ways though. When people use MP3s or youtube rips (for example) because ‘they can’t hear the difference’, they can’t be sure that their audience can’t.

And when their only argument to someone like me, always trying to use the best signal path/source I can get, is ‘but you can’t hear the difference’ then my answer is always the same:

It doesn’t matter whether I can or not. I’m a DJ. My job is to render the sound to the best of my abilities and not to cut corners.