Itunes not show in Rekord Buddy 2.2.b4

Hi Damien,

Somehow, the itunes is not shown in my rekord buddy while it was shown in the tutorial videos.

Any ways to figure out?

Many thanks,

I just found your way in the other post which is rename the file to iTunes Music Library.xml and then…it works!

What was it called before that? It should normally be iTunes Music Library.xml.

Before is iTunes Music or Music Library. I did forget. But now it works with iTunes Music Library

That’s odd. If you have any way to find that again or if anyone else has a similar issue, let me know by posting here. I’d like to fix that on my end.

Hi Damien,

Tremendous tool BTW. I also don’t see my iTunes folder as i saw yours in the demo. My folder is on an external drive but connected to my laptop. Any help would be appreaciated i manage my tunes in iTunes being able to drag playlists into RB from iTunes after Mixed in Key processing saves so much time.

Are you on macOS or Windows?

Can you look in your Music folder and let me know what the name of the library XML file is in the iTunes folder there?

I think iTunes has used multiple names in the past and I’m not checking for the right one.

iTunes Music Library.xml but the folder is housed on an external drive. Sorry about the delay but things have gotten crazy hope you and your family are doing well.

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Can you try the latest 2.2beta? There has been a lot of fixes since b4. Just want to start afresh with your issue. Download the latest build and confirm which version you are now using.

downloaded the 2.2 beta still no iTunes folder mac OS Catalina 10-15.3 music app on external ssd drive

The Music is not supported yet with Rekord Buddy but your iTunes XML should get picked up so we need to find out what is going on. About to post a new beta with some more info for me. Will update here once it’s available.

thanks a lot

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Did you move the iTunes folder by entering a new path in the iTunes app? I think this might be something not currently handled correctly.

yes i did as the mac hard drive is to small

Ok. It’s something not covered at the moment. I use the Music folder by default.

Let me see if there is something easy I can do on my end, otherwise you can always drag the iTunes XML file into the Rekord Buddy sidebar and use it as a custom location.

So yeah, I’m only currently looking in the music folder and obviously this doesn’t catch people who have changed the preference. I’m adding support for the iTunes API soon which should, hopefully, provide me with the right path no matter where you put the iTunes collection. Stay tuned in the beta release notes for this in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can use this new entry in the manual to access your XML file in its custom location.