iTunes -> Mixed in Key -> Serato -> everything else issues

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.0.22

My OS Version: Mac OS 10.14.3

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Begin with all songs in itunes, playlists are currently organised in iTunes
  2. Run Mixed in key against used playlists of songs. Check data exists in serato. This works.
  3. Open up Rekord Buddy for the first time, set prefs to protect serato.
  4. Allow rekord buddy to scan library
  5. Open traktor, no beat grids, no cue points no data at all.

What I expected to happen:

On starting traktor I expected to find cue points which had originally been stored as serato cues would be copied to traktor. I expected serato and traktor to share the same beat grids and cue points but they do not. I tried to verify this was not an issue with traktor but i have the same issue with rekordbox too. This is with the setting enabled to ‘duplicate hotcues as memory cues’.

What actually happens instead:

Nothing, no cue points in either rekord box or traktor, no beat grids are copied. Traktor ends up wanting to reanalyse all the files again and i need to manually add beat grids.

Im fairly new to rekordbox so i dont fully understand the import process yet so im wary of using this as a sense check but i expected traktor to share the same data as serato dj but it does not. Im unfamiliar with old versions of rekord buddy too. Ive been meaning to properly try this out for a while but havent had the chance. Honestly I feel like im missing some simple step to get everything to port across.

More than hapy to work through the steps bit by bit to try and solve the problem.

Thanks in advance

Other software versiosn are as follows.

Traktor Pro 3:
Rekordbox: 5.6.0
Mixed In Key: 8.5.2
Serato DJ: 2.1.0


The first thing to note is that Rekord buddy does not support iTunes for playlists. You’ll have tracks that were loaded into a deck within Serato showing in your music list, but none of the other tracks or playlists will transfer. I’d suggest creating a playlist in the main Serato node of your browser and seeing if that transfers OK.

Support for iTunes is coming soon :slight_smile:

So all the tracks in my itunes have been picked up by rekord buddy. Am i correct in understanding even if my entire library has cue point and beat mappings that those mappings will not sync accross without appearing in a playlist (in presumably either serato or rekord buddy)? If so that now makes a lot of sense, given i usually just scan up as much of my music as possible as i buy it with mixed in key and then use itunes playlists in order to maintain playlists across each dj platform (and so i can listen to the tracks for a specific mix on my phone when im prepping). If i move those playlists into rekord buddy and then modify cues etc, does rekord buddy only parse and sync the cues from tracks in the playlists?

If a track has been loaded into a deck, the software has analysed it and added it to the library. It just won’t be anywhere other than the main “all music” playlist.

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