Issues with non-subscription licenses


I am a non-subscription license holder. The app is not working today. I get an error saying “Can’t authorise Rekord Buddy 2”

Please can you assist? It was working until today.

Im getting an error message saying Your app receipt is invalid?

please help, i also cant find any support email to contact


also my account says i have no subscription which is totally wrong, do you have a direct email please?

I moved your posts int heir own thread to keep things organised.

As I mentioned in the migration thread we are looking into an issue with the web page for licenses. Once this is fixed we will take if from there about authorisations.

In the meantime, telling me the exact version of ‘the app’ when asking for support is super helpful.

My version is 2.0.25

Thanks @markwhites, this version is no longer supported. Is there a reason you don’t update to 2.1? What version of macOS are you using?