Issues with deleting and adding playlists in rekordbox collection

With the latest version copying single files and complete playlists from traktor -> rekordbox works again. But I have a new strange error.: I cannot delete a rekordbox playlist in rekordbuddy. The tracklist is back again after I restart the app (of course I confirmed with save after close rekordbuddy).

The playlist “Deep House” was deleted and added again. Both in one step (before closing and opening the app again).

Renaming seems to work, but not deleting. Also deleting single tracks in a playlist in rekordbox seems to work.

Another issue.: When I delete all tracks from the rekordbox playlist “Deep House” and afterwards try to add them again to the same playlist, they are not added.

I have the same problem as kolorfilm :frowning:

That sounds like a bug. I separated this into its own topic.

Let me finish the last couple of major issues with 2.1 and I’ll look into this next.

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Playlist deleting bug should be fixed in 2.1.13.

Looking into the other one.

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Awesome job! It works well now. Also copying the same tracks back to the playlist “Deep House” is now working as expected.

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I wish I got as happy with positive posts as I get unhappy when things go bad… Sadly that’s not the case.

Thanks for the kind words!

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