Issue when saving database?

Although stems are fixed again, when I drag traktor collection to rekordbuddy collection it hangs / crashes

I think I may have found your issue report if what you got was a ‘something wonderful’ issue.

I"m moving this to a new topic because it’s not related to the topic you were replying to before.

Does it happen when you exit the app or during the track copy?

It looks like a database corruption that I’d like to investigate. Is there any way you could zip up you Rekord Buddy folder in your music folder and use a file sharing site to send it to me via DM?

I have sent a dropbox link to —email removed by moderator---- address and info

Thanks. That email is not monitored anymore (we use the forums now) but I managed to retrieve the zip file. Next time you can just use the DM in the forum directly.

So, your database as it stands is not corrupted. This means it’s got to be something that happens during the track copy that causes the problem.

Can you confirm that the issue you are seeing happens after you copy something inside Rekord Buddy and then try to save?

HI, it just seems to hang for ages when I drag traktor database on to rekordbuddy database.

Traktor to rekordbox is fine…

I can reset the rekordbuddy database to see if it helps.

Just downloaded the latest traktor beta with hid xdj support and still hangs as above.

We may be talking about different things then. The issue I’m looking at is a ‘something wonderful’ report your app sent me when you were saving/exiting.

Hanging is a hard one because we’re not sure here if it just takes a long time or if it’s stuck. If you force exited the app when that happens, that could have created the data corruption I saw in the report.

If you want to investigate the problem, dragging whole collections is not going to be productive. Let’s try playlists or folders first. One step at a time.

Does that work when you do separate playlists or can you find one that hangs too?

I dont normally do seperate playlists as rekordbox seems to get confused when I sync the usb.

The hanging has only happened since the last 2 updates you sent me to fix the stems not syncing issue

Sorry I didn’t word my question correctly. My question was: can you just drag a few playlists, instead of dragging the entire collection, and still get the app to hang?

just tried one on its own very snappy

Ok and the playlist copied over looks correct in the rekord buddy database after you do the copy?

just opened rekordbuddy and it is taking ages to just open the traktor tree but yes copied ok I think

force closed and re-opened then fine, so odd

It could be one track in particular that’s causing the issue. That’s why copying the entire collection is so tricky when trying to debug issues. It’s hard to say which part is the source of the problem.

Can you copy a few playlists or folders at a time and see if we can identify the one that causes the issue?

bought 3 new tunes this and copied whiole collection v quickly from traktor to rekordbox

sometimes just expanding the traktor tree can make it hang

its v odd

Just to be sure, hang as in freeze and never so anything else (no dialog, no crash). Correct?

yeah freezing either on drag n drop or expandin traktor collection

I think those are unrelated issues but one of them (the expanding collection freeze) is on my list to look at.

Since we have one playlist working, let’s try a folder with multiple playlists and see if that works.

The idea is this. The problem could be caused by one track with an issue or by the amount of tracks that you copy when you do an entire collection all at once.

In order to separate the two potential problems, we try to see step by step if we can get the problem to happen from a state when the problem doesn’t happen.

What you’re seeing is not normal and it’s not happening to other people, including me here, so we need to figure out what is different in your case. Once we figure it out it usually easy to fix.

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