Issue exporting cues from Serato to rekordbox

Hi, there is an issue with the Exporting of Serato to rekordbox hot cues. Apparently when I drag it over. My rekordbox doesn’t show any cues points from serato anymore, so basically it just copied the track. But not the hots cues…

I separated your post into its own thread other wise it gets confusing if people reply to unrelated threads. For future reference, check out this thread on support etiquette.

What version of Rekord Buddy are you currently using?

When you say ‘your rekorbox’ , do you mean your rekordbox collection in the rekordbox app or in the Rekord Buddy app?


I have same problem as Ben98yo.

I’m running latest version av rekordbox and latest version of Rekord Buddy (if it haven’t come a new version the last 48hr).


I’m running the latest Rekordbuddy, And im referring to the rekordbox software of my macbook pro

Guys, please do read the thread on support etiquette.

‘Latest version’ doesn’t help. There could be a newer version posted between the time you write your message and the time I read it or you could think that you have the latest but for some reason, you don’t.

To avoid confusion, it’s better to say: I’m running 2.1.4(333) (for example). That’s unequivocal.

Now, it’s also a good idea to describe the steps you are taking, which can help me spot things you may be forgetting to do.

Did you all follow the instruction on the manual regarding importing changes in rekordbox via the Rekordbox xml bridge? Did you see the bit about a current rekordbox bug which doesn’t update metadata unless you delete the track in the rekordbox collection first?

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