Is there talks of adding MP4 (video) FILES

Will rekordbuddy2 start adding MP4 FILES?This would be a great help.

What do you mean by adding MP4 files?

Do you mean dropping files directly into Rekord Buddy or support for MP4 when syncing collections?

What I mean is while synchronization is happening. For us that also VDJ, the videos in our collection do not sync over.

So you mean video MP4 files.

What collections are you syncing from and what collection are you syncing to?

I am using Rekord box to Serato to and also tried back the other way. The MP4 FILES do not sync.

rekordbox stores those in a separate section and does not include that in the XML that it exports. So MP4 files that are sound only work fine but the video ones do not.

It sucks and I hope Pioneer can fix this.

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