Introducing the Message Of The Day

Starting with the 2.1.40 and 2.2b20 builds, you will get access to a new feature in Rekord Buddy named ‘Message Od The Day’. Don’t worry, it won’t be every day, the name is just a nod to an old unix feature.

Every time I have something to communicate to all the users, instead of using social media or spamming your emails, I will put up a little messages that will appear in the app when you open it. If you don’t use the app you won’t be bothered and each message will be shown to you only once.

I will also use those to give out special promos that our friends in the industry will provide you guys, exclusively for Rekord Buddy users.

If you dismiss a message too quickly, you can see it again by going in the help menu.

This is a small thing but it’s going to be very powerful in the future and I think you guys are going to love it.

Let me know your thoughts about it.


The feature is already in the 2.2beta and will be in 2.1.40 shipping tonight.

There is a new message this week with some exclusive discounts for Rekord Buddy users from our friends at BPM Supreme. Launch the latest build of the app to see it.

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