Introducing iTunes support

One door closes, another one opens up. Since Apple is widely expected to announce the death of iTunes tomorrow, I decided to do a little week-end project and test Rekord Buddy 2.1’s new modular design. A few hours later:

This is not a doctored screenshot, iTunes support will ship in this week’s new 2.1beta build. What this means is that DJs will have an alternative to move their iTunes collections over to and I plan on supporting everything iTunes used to let you do and more.

So go ahead, watch the keynote in peace tomorrow. I got you, guys.


Noice. Interesting to see what comes up tonight.

Quick follow up on this after downloading the latest macOS beta. The XML file that iTunes used to output is indeed gone in the Music app. You can still export the library to XML but you have to remember to do it manually every time which is a pain.

Because of this, I plan on adding both read and write support to my iTunes library section. That means that, even without iTunes installed, Rekord Buddy will write and maintain an XML file just like iTunes did so that programs like Traktor, rekordbox or Serato can use it to import your playlists directly in the app just like you did before with iTunes.

There is also a new API to access libraries from the Music app, which I’m not sure if the other programs will support or not. Either way, Rekord Buddy will support it too which means you will also be able to import from the Music app too.


That is amazing. I just learned about Rekord Buddy and what’s more important for me: iTunes integration.
Thank you for doing this for the community!
As a Windows 10 user I assume I’ll have to wait a bit though… which I’m ok with.
Looking forward to all the progress you’ve outlined.


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I can see in your screenshot that you split artists within the « artist » tag using colons « Jay Naymor, Platzdasch », instead of writhing « Jay Naymor feat. Platzdasch », which is the way I do it too (and Beatport, etc.)

But as you know, iTunes has always interpreted the artist tag itself as the artist name instead of digging inside the tag to identify different artists.
So in this case, « Jay Naymor, Platzdasch » is a different artist than « Jay Naymor » or « Platzdasch » in iTunes database.
It would be cool if Rekord Buddy would be smart enough to understand that artists separated with colons or semi-colons within the « artist » tag are actually different artists. So if I am in the artists list and I look under « Jay Naymor », I would see the song « Everyday (Platzdasch Commonplace Remix) » which is not the case with iTunes right now… (in iTunes it would be under « Jay Naymor, Platzdasch »).

Does it make sense ??


Rekord Buddy already does that :slight_smile:

You can set in the preferences a separator to use when parsing artists, genres or musical keys.

Building the remixer field from the track name is a good idea though, I should look into that.

Brilliant, thanks for this!

Just came here from your DJ Worx interview.

Re: iTunes integration, will you also support Smart Playlists & Playlist folders? If so, I’m buying today!

Thanks and best,

Smart playlists could be in the future via the itunes library framework but it will be hard to support all the rules and make sure they work the same so don’t hold your breath.

What do you mean by playlist folders? Just regular folders that hold playlists?

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