Incomplete transfer & playlist update not working

I was able to transfer my music library from Serato to Rekbox 2 months ago:

  1. I only got about 80% of the library. Some crates and sub crates didn’t transfer
  2. I have created newer crates/playlist on Serato, cued up over 100 songs in the past 2 months. I hit the sync button on Rek. Buddy to update my Rekbox playlist but the changes aren’t being applied, meaning I still see the same old playlist I had when I first transferred my library from Serato 2 months ago. Can you please help me solve these issues?

I’ll need more information in order to help you.

Let’s start with what version of Rekord Buddy are you using? Please don’t say latest :slight_smile:

My Rekord Buddy version is the 2.0.29.
Last time I launched it, it gave me the option to update it to 2.1.34 but I couldn’t finish the update process for some reason…

Try again now. It should be fixed.

Using the latest version, let me know what you are seeing. Are you dragging entire collections? Are you trying to do a few playlists at a time?

I previously transferred all my crates from Serato at once.
Now I’m just pressing the “SYNC” button at the bottom left of Rekord Buddy but it is not updating anything. From what I new, It would even create new crates for me in Rekord Box if I have recently created new ones in Serato, correct?
I update my 2.0.29 version to 2.1.34 but then it asked for my license key… I retrieved a license key (17 characters) on “” but it said the key should be 32 characters long and I don’t have that key… I can’t get back on Rekord Buddy with that 32 characters license key. Please help!

You license key is 32 characters long. You probably retrieved an invalid or incomplete key.

See this manual entry for where to find the license key.

I can now open RekordBuddy again but I no longer see the “sync” button in the bottom left corner of my screen. What should I do now?

Maybe search the forums? Read the manual? or watch this video? :slight_smile:

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