Importing Serato always crashes RB

Hey There!

I’ve had my fair share of troubles with RB like Playlists beeing totally empty!
But in the current state it’s completely useless since i am unable to import anything of my main database (which is in Serato djpro) to RB!

Are you guys aware of said problem?


MBP 2017 (non touch bar)
2,3 GHz Intel Core i5
8GB Ram

RB v. 2.1.38

By importing do you mean dragging something from Serato to the main Rekord Buddy library?

Also, it seems like you’re not using the account you purchased the app with so I’m unable to look up your crash reports. Do you have access to that account?

A friend purchased it for me, but i can recreate another crashlog and post it here if that helps…

As soon as i click the little arrow besides “serato” the windmill appears!
From there on it’s only a few seconds until RB crashes…

Posting it here won’t help. It’s automatically sent to an issue reporting system under the license and username of the person that bought the app.

The End-User License for Rekord Buddy does make it clear that licenses are not transferable so this is problematic.

Can you DM me the license key that you are currently using?

I will send you a DM with a link for a bug fix build to try out.

Please note: this is a one time exception to the EULA violation. Licenses are NOT transferable and you will have to purchase your own license if you want to continue having support in the future.

The fix seems to work. This fix will be in 2.1.39.

No, sorry Damien “The fix (seems to) (DOES NOT in fact) work. This fix will be in 2.1.39.” It does not work in 2.1.39 and has not been fixed. I can see this problem is persistent since Sept. 2019, here again in Feb. '20 and this month April '20 with users like me (see my ongoing Topic ‘Moving from Serato to Rekordbox DJ’). Please refund me your expensive software (59 usd or so) if it can’t do the job it promises to deliver before purchase and makes us waste too much time (reading the manual twice because it changed since 1 year, preparing my collection specifically to Rekord Buddy to compensate its shortcomings esp. no import of sub crates, etc). There are competitors who seem to do the job properly when it comes to simple collection migration with lots of excellent reviews (except collection management sometimes).

@DJ-BEA Your interactions here are coming across as very angry, I’m not sure if this Is what you are trying to achieve but let’s make it clear that this is not productive when asking for help.

The entire support forum here speaks for itself. I’m always around to help people. I always fix things that are brought to my attention and if you look at other threads, you’ll see that I respond very well to kindness and empathy, less well to threats.

I can guarantee you that the issue in this thread was fixed for the user who reported it. If you are seeing it again, maybe you have a different problem that we could look at.

So, shall we start again and help you out?

You name a lot of different issues in your reply. Let’s take each one, one at a time. Are you seeing the problem described here of importing tracks from Serato in 2.1.39?

First please do not make me say things in ways I did not. I was not angry but simply stating the truth. As for your Q., I already told you, why asking me again : yes. I’ll go to the other post from now regarding this issue. Thank you.

I’m not making you say anything. I’m conveying how what you are saying is making me feel.