Importing playlists into rekordbox


So im trying to find out if there is a better way of managing my USB.

My setup is Traktor scratch for library and general music management and rekordbox for creating a usb to play out.

When I first got the software (Rekord buddy V1) I remember being able to transfer playlists in Rekordbox directly to my usb without having to import them into Rekordbox from the Rekordbudy XML tab.

This was great because I would just sync my playlists in the Rekord buddy Software then from the Rekord buddy tab in Rekordbox I would right click and export to USB. This meant the playlists on the USB would be updated. New tracks added and old ones removed.

Traktor Folder Structure

  • Drum and Bass
    • Archive
    • Playlists
      • Playlist 1
      • Playlist 3

With the older version I could make amends to playlist 1 and 3 and when it came to importing to my usb I could just right click on the Drum and Bass folder and it would update all the playlists on the usb. All in one go.

Since the newer version it does not work the same unfortunately. I have had to adapt my old process by adding in an extra step which is importing the playlists before exporting them to the usb. The extra step is making it difficult to keep my usb synced up.

The new processes is

  1. Syncing the xml files in Rekord buddy
  2. Import playlists from Rekord Budy tab in rekordbox to playlists
  3. open up sync manager and then sync the playlists to the usb

The issue is when i right click and import playlist to rekordbox it keeps creating new versions of the import. It does not over ride or edit the existing playlists in Rekordbox.

For example if imported the drum and bass folder and all its contents into rekordbox and then a week later do the same action. I would have two folders in Rekordbox named Drum and Bass rather than one folder which has been updated.

When it comes to syncing it means I would have to upload the entire contents of the folder again as it sees the new imported folder as an entirely new folder and contents…

My question is, how do I/can I set up Rekordbox/Rekord buddy to update the contents of the usb without having to remove the entire parent folder each time.


What you’re describing is not caused by a change in Rekord Buddy but a change in rekordbox. The ‘Rekord Buddy’ tab in rekordbox was actually the XML bridge, same as what it is now. IT’s just the rekordbox used to display the name of the program that wrote the file instead of just rekordbox XML.

I’ve never used the feature but it seems like rekordbox used to let you sync USBs from the XML bridge? That could be something worth asking Pioneer about. Maybe the feature has been removed or involves a new workflow?

There will be a way to write to iTunes XML in Rekord Buddy 2.2 which will let you use that to sync playlists directly in rekordbox. This won’t work for cue points though unfortunately.

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