Import from RekordBox overwrites RekordBuddy Smart Playlist

Hi all,

I’m trying to import new tracks from rekordbox into rekordbuddy using normal import (2.1.0beta557) and it completes but all my smart playlist (using tags etc) is overwritten with static “dumb” playlist

I removed the playlists from rekordbox library and exported to xml and imported into rekordbuddy but now all my playlists disappear.

Any help, am I doing something silly??

Welcome to the forums.

What is ‘supposed’ to happen here is that those smart playlists should be skipped when importing from rekordbox unless the apps thinks that they have been modified in rekordbox itself. My guess is that somehow this is going wrong and overwriting the smart playlists anyway.

I’m focusing right now on the next 2.1beta so I probably would not have the bandwidth to look at this right away. As a side note, 2.1 will likely ship without smart playlists in order for me to get both macOS and Windows out the door, and I will re-enable smart playlists in 2.2. The final 2.1 will allow you to only import non-smart playlists if you choose to which should address your issue short term (at least).

I recreated the traktor db and started again, working with import and export, thanks for the response.