Import Export Problem

Hey, I’m running Record Buddy v2.0.22(217), OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 & Serato 2.1.1

My Problem is:

Record Buddy usually imported everything fine and when I opened Recordbox and pressed the recordbox xml Button, all my playlists were imported properly!

Now I updated Record Buddy as recommended and when I want to import the new Serato playlists it ALWAYS crashes while saving!!!

That’s why I downgraded again to my old Record Buddy Version. Now Record Buddy imports all the new playlists as usual but they are not shown in Recordbox anymore!?!? I also deleted and reinstalled Recordbox but I still don’t see them in Recordbox and I can’t import them with the recordbox xml button!?!?

What happened and how do I fix this problem???
I need the new playlists in my collection to export them on my USB sticks!
I also don’t want to import the original files and prepare them again in Recordbox (that would cost me about 10-14 hours again)!

I hope you can help me asap ‘cause I tried everything possible I can, read through the whole faq, asked everyone I know who uses Record Buddy & Recordbox but without any success!

Cheers and hopefully read you soon,


I’ve moved your original post into its own topic. Try not to post multiple times, it just makes it hard for me to keep track of all the separate topics. Thanks!

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