I'm sure some of you will think this heathenous

But I customised my Xone:96 to preference. Dumped the pesky crossfader and flat channel fader caps.

:joy: I don’t like what you’ve done with channel faders, I like prefer the regular ones.

But removing the crossfader’s a great idea! (if you don’t use it, I don’t)

But wow though that’s a beautiful mixer :heart_eyes::ok_hand:

If it’s a decent enough mixer, and the Xone certainly is, turning the Crossfader off works just fine for me. No doubt I use channel faders in most arenas but my style of drum and bass and dub afford the odd “cut it up a bit, jus a lull but as it grooves action” during performance.

I have a XONE 4D I love dearly in amazingly good condition. The thing is a beast, I’ve just moved to Denon Peime (or Pioneer, depends on club installations) format.

I rest my palm around there, so the xfader just gets in the way often. It makes sense to have DJ fader caps for DnB, since there’s a lot of fast changes, though.

I’ve basically made this into a MODEL1 digital edition.

Nice work :sunglasses: This is exactly what I would like to do with mine!

Forgive my ignorance for not already checking the bag of spare faders in the box but is it just a case of popping the default ones off and swapping them out? Or is there anything to modify/be careful with?

And I guess you just took the front panel off and unscrewed the x-fader?

For the crossfader, I unscrewed the front screws of the top panel, and the screws holding in the front panel. it’s just a JST connector and a couple of screws after that.

For the channel faders, I actually had to trim down the stems for the flat fader caps.

I may actually do the cross fader thingy on mine. Good idea.

I’m going to call it the MUDDLE 1.