I transferred all my information from serato to rekord buddy 2 to pass it over to rekordbox but the beat grid are off, dont it suppose to also keep my beat grid from serato?

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

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What I expected to happen: to keep my beat grids since rekordbox the beat grid are off

What actually happens instead: beat grid off

Firstly, are you getting any error warnings when you finish the sync? Could you also write down the steps you take to get to this point?

no error warnings. I sync all my crate from serato to rekordbuddy and then to RB and wen I start playing the beat is off. you think is a rekordbox issue?

Are those files MP3s?

m4a files are always shifted and the rekordbuddy is almost useless for this type of files

Actually m4a files are the ones where the workaround we have in Rekord Buddy are the most efficient. Do you have a track you could share with us that shows the problem you’re seeing?