I need your help with the 2.2beta

So I think mostly Windows people have been using 2.2 since it doesn’t contain any major difference with 2.1 on macOS… until now.

I need some help with fixing something that I uncovered last week. The database code for 2.1 was written by an external contractor and contained a pretty big bug that caused potential data corruption in the Rekord Buddy database in some cases.

Now this in itself is not the end of the world, bug happens and I’ve written my fair share of them over the years too. The problem here is that it takes place in a section of the code that I didn’t write and therefore I’m unfamiliar with. It took me a few days to produce a fix and to write code that could try and repair the damage. I need help testing the second part of this equation.

The latest 2.2beta12 contains the fix and I need both macOS and Windows users to help test it. This is a one-way street, you will not be able to go back to 2.1 after that but I will be on hand to help fix any problem that arise.

The code will make a backup of your database, try to fix the problem, and then open the new database. If the collection then fails to load I will need you to reply to this thread so that I can get a copy of your data to investigate and fix the issue.

This only affects the Rekord Buddy database and will not corrupt any information on your hard drive. If you want to be completely safe you can also backup the Rekord Buddy folder in your music directory before installing the beta.

You can find a link to download the beta builds in this thread.

I would appreciate if people using 2.2beta can also post here if they used the new build and DID NOT encounter any issue.

Thanks guys!

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