I have downloaded and paid not I can NOT get it to work

Let me get my crystal ball out. :joy:

I think it is because you didn’t download Rekord Buddy but a bag of flour instead and that you installed it on a washing machine instead of a computer. Am I close?

Joking aside, check out this post for some tips on posting when asking for help.

I can’t begin to help without more information. What OS are you using? What version of the app are you using? What happens when it’s not working? Otherwise I just have to guess and as you can see my guessing game is terrible.

I never heard back from you regarding this. I can only help you if you describe what your issue is.

If you wish to get a refund on your purchase you have to, in accordance with the refund policy that you agreed to when you purchased the app, allow my to try and solve your problem first which at this point you have not done since I never heard back.